I’m a photographer by background, a filmmaker by training, and a radio producer by passion. I use my eyes and ears.

I have seen four children born, cut two umbilical cords, and saved one man’s life. I’ve chopped the head off a chicken, know the five types of Pacific salmon in order of importance, and have seen a grizzly bear close enough to say what he smelled like (funky).  I can recite the Ave Maria in Spanish. I’ve waited in the visitors line at the county jail, flown first class, hitchhiked.  I get shoeshines when I’m blue. Kids dig me and old men trust me. I have doppelgangers everywhere, but have never met a single one. I’ve spent the night on a frozen lake, listening to the ice boom and crack all around me. I can dance the Kentucky Reel and the Cumbia. I’m a whistler and a fiddler. I’m an insider’s outsider.

I believe deeply in Grace Paley’s assertion that you must be a story listener to be a storyteller. I believe in the power of conversation, rather than monologue.

You can contact me at juliecaine@yahoo.com.